Dementia Care Services

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Dementia is a condition that affects mainly older people aged over 65 and can cause devastating effects for the affected person and their family. Taking care of someone with dementia can have its challenges, and loved ones can find it mentally difficult to handle. While it's a hard decision for families to make, many aged care facilities offer dementia specific care to those affected. Here are a few things that an aged care facility with dementia care can offer: 

Dementia specific programs: These are programs that aim to engage people with dementia and offer them meaning and a degree of independence. Activities can involve gardening, cooking, crafts, social activities and more and are often tailored to the specific person by understanding their life story. This can involve asking their families questions about the patient's likes and dislikes, their former occupations and other personal questions to better understand them. This can greatly help support their wellbeing and provide them with activities that give a sense of purpose.

Separate facilities: People with dementia have different needs and requirements, and aged care facilities can sometimes have what is known as Dementia Specific Facilities. These include separate wings and areas of the aged care facility that are targeted to those affected and who need extra levels of security and care. These areas also have layouts that are more 'homey' and aim to make them feel more comfortable and at ease.

Highly Trained Staff: Having staff that know how to deal with memory loss, sudden behaviour change and sometimes violent behaviour is a vital part of the care received. Additionally, these patients are closely monitored in terms of food and nutrition tracking, behavioural patterns, sleeping patterns and more so they receive the appropriate care they need. 

Diversional Therapists and Physiotherapists: Additionally to nurses, there are specialists on site that provide activities for dementia affected people throughout the day so they are occupied and happy. They provide those affected with the time and focus to enhance their day and sometimes even involve family members to participate.

Dealing with a loved one who has dementia isn't an easy task. It involves a large amount of time and care and can be mentally and physically difficult to handle. Aged care facilities can offer the option of dementia care where your loved one can be safe and receive the care they need. It is vital to do research into aged care facilities and ensure they have engaging programs, trained staff and specialised facilities for your loved one. While a difficult decision to make, it is important to be aware of the options you have to provide the best for you and your family.