Tips for Settling into Your Retirement Living Home

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Moving into a new property can sometimes feel stressful. But that doesn't need to be the case when you transition into your new retirement living environment. With the right tips, you can focus on building a life for yourself in your new environment.

Decide how you'll use your free time

Moving into a retirement living home inevitably means you'll have more free time during the day. With less space to clean and garden work eliminated entirely, now's your opportunity to decide how you'll live a more enriching life. 

One way to approach this is to look at the activities your new community schedules. Aim to involve yourself with one each day, as they're always an excellent avenue for making new friends.

Downsize appropriately

If you're moving from a larger property to a small retirement community, you'll need to spend some time downsizing. It's often useful to start with the more practical items first. For example, if you're no longer cooking most of your own meals do you need as many pots and pans? Similarly, if your new community provides a TV, could you give yours away?

After tackling the practical items you own, start focusing on those that have sentimental value. If you discover that you still have more items than space, consider asking a family member to hold onto some for you. Or as an alternative, you can use a self-storage facility.

Ask for assistance with moving

The most intensive part of settling into a new community is the actual process of moving home. To avoid feeling pressured towards the big date, start exploring your options well in advance. Some retirement living homes offer moving services or they have close connections with local removal firms. If the one you're moving into doesn't offer this option, start looking for firms that have experience with moving people into retirement communities.

When finding a removal firm, consider choosing one that offers packing services too. Many will come and pack your goods on the day, which means you can use them until the last minute.

Create a new daily routine 

Creating a new daily routine in advance of moving to your retirement community is an exciting prospect. Having a routine can also help you sleep better in your new setting and it'll make a big contribution towards how quickly you see it as a real home. To do this, take a look at your current routine and consider whether there are ways to make it work in your retirement community too.